Next-generation “eatertainment” concepts attract millennials

Venues that combine food, drink and play are gaining ground in the U.S. among millennials.

A new article in Forbes says it best: “Millennials are driving the experience economy; they would rather pay for an experience than a product.” They are also fans of dining out – in fact, the article points to a Bankrate survey that found that the average millennial goes out to eat or purchases take-out food five times a week.

However, despite their frequent food purchases, millennials are getting pickier about where they choose to spend their money and time. And, they are looking to make shareable memories, driven by trends and fads on social media. That’s why the “eatertainment” industry is gaining ground throughout the U.S. Such venues combine eat, drink and play – and while Dave & Buster’s may have been one of the original pioneers in this space (and is forecasting a 14% growth in 2019, according to CNBC), many more have entered the scene in recent years. Take, for example, the arcade-inspired Punch Bowl Social concept, Top Golf, and Denver-based Ace Eat Serve, a ping-pong hall serving Asian street food.

What’s clear from the growth of the eatertainment industry is that younger generations are not only craving social experiences; they are also calling for quality fare that goes way beyond bar food and taps into vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and other diet trends. They also desire greater convenience when it comes to creating experiences at these establishments. Robert Thompson, Founder and CEO of Punch Bowl Social, underscores that point in the Forbes article, stating that “for a business to remain relevant in an ever-changing society that transitions quickly from one fad to the next, you must be adaptable and move with the consumer…[we] are furthering our role as a lifestyle brand by embodying the interests, attitudes, and opinions of our customers.”

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Justin Aggelakos
Director of Marketing
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