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Build meaningful customer connections and drive up revenue with Amicis Lifestyle

Smart retailers and hospitality brands understand their stores and physical locations are no longer just a place to make a simple purchase. Instead, they must offer consumers a highly customized opportunity to engage with sales associates and staff, to enjoy classes or activities, to discover and try new products before buying, and to have an easy checkout process when they decide to make a purchase.

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  • Resources, equipment and facilities
  • Lessons and classes
  • Scheduling and appointments
  • Event booking and management
  • Memberships and subscriptions
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Bill management

Food and Beverage

  • Labor schedule enforcement
  • Check management
  • Gratuity management
  • Menu, recipe and deal management
  • Table management
  • Kitchen Display System (KDS)
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Rentals and Services

  • Equipment rentals
  • Product trade-ins
  • Deposits and payments
  • Advanced-tier pricing
  • Inventory management
  • Availability tracking
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food and beverage

Bring your entire food and beverage operation together on a single unified platform

Amicis Lifestyle and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations empowers restaurateurs, convenience and hospitality brands with a complete end-to-end solution that unifies the entire business operation.

Front of House

Create the experiences your customers expect

  • Point of sale
  • Self-service Kiosk
  • Workflow optimization

Back of House

Streamline workflows to your kitchen

  • Kitchen Management
  • Integrated Inventory Management
  • Intuitive user interface

Back Office

Make fast informed decisions about your business

  • Real-time financial performance and analytics
  • Centralized configurations
  • Streamline processes across your business
  • Automate your supply chain for improved inventory optimization

Unified Commerce Platform

Unify digital, in-store and back office operations

  • Gain operational efficiencies with a single solution
  • Reduce costs and complexity with Microsoft’s cloud platform
  • Engage with deep insights provided by artificial intelligence
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Menu and Recipe Management

  • Accurately track inventory cost by recipe as modifications and substitutions are made at the point of sale
  • Easily calculate nutrition values by serving size at the point of sale during the customer order
  • Apply allergen inheritance to recipes and adjust as modifications and substitutions are made to orders

Kitchen Management

  • Configure kitchen workflows by category or product for automated order routing
  • Integrate with third-party kitchen display systems (KDS)
  • Route orders directly to your kitchen display system (KDS)
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Check Management

  • Easily split checks by item or customer while accepting multiple payment types
  • Single screen functionality offers full visibility to all checks
  • Make payments to all split checks right from the same screen
  • Drag and drop gestures and workflow optimization
  • Recall check operation to transfer checks from one server to another

Self-Serve Kiosks, Online Ordering, Mobile App

  • Self-serve kiosks for quick and convenient checkout with improved cross-sell and up-sell potential
  • Easy online ordering that ensures efficient customer and order management while streamlining restaurant operations
  • Mobile app offers customers the convenience of ordering from their mobile device or tablet
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Guest Services Management

  • Allow guests to conveniently purchase and redeem services
  • Configure service plans with defined redemption periods
  • Easily set up earning and redemption rules by service plans
  • Manage and report on guest service activity

Table Management

  • Conveniently work online or offline
  • Dynamic check management enables quicker and more accurate table management
  • Manage tables by zone, table type and number of seats
  • Initiate seating by table and manage orders by seat
  • Integrate with third-party table management solutions
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Dynamic POS Menus

  • Centralized configuration with automated screen layouts that automatically populate POS menu button grids
  • Conversational ordering workflows at the POS
  • Manage menus by hierarchy, multi-level categories and sub-categories
  • Works with all types of products (standard product, service item, kit/combo, bill of materials, etc.)
  • Tailor POS displays to show the right menus at the right time and at the right POS
  • User-friendly menu interface provides multi-page options with the ability to configure product images and button colors for menu groups and items
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Assortment Planning

Assortments that build brand loyalty, without breaking the bank

Build assortments that differentiate your brand in the marketplace and also meet financial targets with Amicis JustRight’s advanced Assortment Planning functionality.

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In-Season Management

  • Re-forecast performance based on trends, seasonality and lost sales
  • Leverage exception management capabilities that allow for retrending in mid-season
  • Leverage a pull-based approach to replenish to stores based on their specific needs
  • Quickly and efficiently model the effects of promotions for best-possible execution

Range Width Planning

  • Benefit from empirical rationalization of assortment breadth and depth
  • Vary assortments across clusters based on anticipated market trends and available space
  • Size assortments according to demand, as well as better understand the impact of changes to the assortment
  • Ensure range performance meets merchandise plans and location expectations
  • Set ideal minimum display stock by location grade, which drives ordering and replenishment
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Location Clustering

  • Leverage multi-dimensional, dynamic clustering across time and at any level of the product hierarchy
  • Drill down to the sub-department level to define options per unit of space
  • Meet specific cluster requirements with integration to assortments and line planning

Option Planning

  • Facilitate all-encompassing product selection and inventory planning approach
  • Create a pre-season plan and in-season forecast for each option, helping to better manage risks and opportunities
  • Leverage an iterative planning approach by combining both top-down and bottom-up planning capabilities
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Bring unmatched flexibility, accuracy and automation to your inventory planning and replenishment process

Amicis JustRight’s Inventory Planning & Replenishment offering streamlines demand forecasting, order planning and replenishment for retailers.

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  • Construct multiple allocation strategies and evaluate projections for each
  • Maintain visibility into the flow of inventory and stock holding across the warehouse, store, product attributes and hierarchy
  • Initiate allocation based on anticipated performance
  • Reserve the ability to push current channel inventory, incoming purchase orders or stock on hand
  • Receive stock, sales and future allocation recommendations
  • Add demand for special events or promotional activity at any level

Demand Forecasting

  • Plan strategically, assured that your allocation and replenishment processes will align with the financial plan
  • Get demand-driven, best-fit forecasts that accommodate trends, seasonality, lost sales, supersessions, as well as manual adjustments
  • Quickly and efficiently adapt to shorter product lifecycles and decreased manufacturing lead times
  • Align inventory positions with merchandise financial plans via our forecasting and predictive analysis technology
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  • Account for both the demand forecast and current inventory plan by creating forward-looking, time-phased ordering strategies
  • Determine the most cost-effective order quantity based on target service levels
  • Apply order constraints to reach value targets, order targets, or to fill up containers
  • Avoid poor forecasting outcomes like stockouts, overstocks, product obsolescence and lost sales
  • Automatically generate purchase orders and transfer orders
  • Redistribute products throughout their lifecycle based on performance
  • Integrate the option forecast with the dynamic inventory optimization process for automatic ordering, distribution and replenishment

Inventory Management

  • Build the most cost-effective ordering pattern with ABC classifications and enhanced service-level targeting
  • Reduce inventory holding and excess stock with smarter forecasts
  • Drive up profit margins and lower your inventory carrying costs
  • Initiate allocation and redistribute products throughout their lifecycle based on performance
  • Gain the ability to push current channel inventory, incoming purchase orders or stock on hand
  • Receive stock, sales and future allocation recommendations
  • Manipulate the statistical demand forecast, top-down, middle-out or bottom-up
  • Add demand for special events or promotional activity at any level
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